Water Features

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Having a waterfall professionally installed by Jack's Lawn Care & Landscaping will ensure that you will get a waterfall that is of the highest quality. Waterfalls can provide excitement and relaxation through the sight and sound of moving water.

Let our our expert design team at Jack's Lawn Care Landscaping takes charge and will come up with the most suitable design plan according to all the aspects of your yard space.

To schedule a water feature consultation for your home or business, call (845) 358-0000 or email us today.

Summary of what we offer

  • Garden Ponds
  • Water Features
  • Backyard Waterfall
  • Koi Fish Pond
  • Water-scape Design
  • Water Garden

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At Jack's Lawn Care & Landscaping, our team is committed to excellence. We aim not to meet your expectations, but exceed them. We are faithful and dedicated to bringing you the results you are looking for. We progressively grow and develop our services by understanding and tailoring to your needs.